VS Enterprises. is capable of providing equipment, labor, material and services related to Renovation Repair Works. In order to save the cost and add value to the project, we have the capabilities to ability to perform trades like masonry. Concrete and other Renovation Repair work.

Our expert team works on applying for building permits, providing temporary utilities on site, taking all the commands of the property, managing organization, a detail survey of the site, creating schedules and maintaining the cash flow.

Renovation Services we Provide

Renovation Repair

House Renovation Repair Services

We have strong expertise in the construction of residential buildings, both small and large, with proper safety machanisms and proceedures. Our proper planning ensures that you don’t have to make any more changes in your house later.

Villas Renovation Repair Services

Owning a villa is the dream of everyone, and we can make your dream into reality with our experienced team of engineers and contractors.

Apartment Renovation Repair Works

An apartment is a very good solution to maximize the available space and give you more returns. We are known for our expertise in the construction of all types of apartment renovation repair works.

Commercial Remodeling Services

Commercial Renovation Repair involves support and collaboration across multiple agencies. It is important to properly plan and coordinate with multiple teams for the proper execution of the project. VS Enterprises is dedicated to provide affordable commercial buildings Renovation with all amenities.


Concrete work needs strong quality control, parameters in place and unparalleled


From making new masonry walls to restoring historic building and modern homes built by brick,.


Exposure to harsh weather such as rainfall, snow and high exposure to sunlight can

Home Renovation

With our expert team of planners and designers, we transform your home and business into a new enjoyment place

Structural Steel

With over 10 year of experience, VS Enterprises. ensures that steel corrosion is fixed before it causes damage to the building


It is always exciting to walk into a brand new home that spells comfort, class and sophistication