Fosroc Brushbond Roofguard



Fosroc Brushbond Roofguard

Fosroc Brushbond Roofguard is a high build fiber-reinforced seamless waterproofing render suitable for waterproofing of old & new roofs Waterproofing solutions, is a polymer-based product applied in three OR more coats & each coat with different colors for monitoring correct thickness.

The product can be applied directly on existing concrete, brickbat Coba, and screed concrete even without removal provided the substrates are sound enough for application of the coating avoiding the risk of damage to the old roof associated while removing the existing overlays. The product provides a seamless, tough durable water-resistant coating that can withstand light pedestrian traffic and also has excellent weather resistance for exterior applications.

High build fiber Reinforced Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproofing render for roofing


  • The high Build system provides a higher dry film thickness of more than 1mm in three coats.
  • The product can be applied directly to existing sound concrete, brickbat Coba, and screed concrete even without removal.
  • No protection screed is required to eliminate the additional weight due to the protection layer.
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride, and sulfate ions.
  • Allows water vapor to escape from the structure.
  • High resistance to the effect of long-term weathering,
  • Durable in all climate conditions including UV attack.
  • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry.
  • Good crack accommodation capacity.
  • Minimum surface preparation needed and low labor.

Fosroc Brushbond Roofguard is a single component acrylic polymer modified, elastomeric fiber reinforced high build & easy roller applied / brushable coating available in different colors for application in multiple layers, a minimum 3 layer application is recommended for best performance.

Surface Preparation
All the surfaces which are to receive Fosroc Brushbond Roofguard must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt, or any other form of foreign matter which might affect adhesion. Spalled and deeply disintegrated concrete should be removed to sound concrete and repaired with Fosroc Renderoc System.


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